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The BC Marine Trails: Work, Benefits, Perks

Linking and Protecting the BC Coast Together

Driven by a shared love for our coastline


Your membership fees go a long way to supporting a volunteer-driven organization. Please help out by joining us and making the BC Marine Trails a reality. Join today. Our volunteers are driven by a shared love of the coast.

The BC Marine Trails (BCMT) advocates strongly for recreational users through the three main pillars of our organization: First Nations Engagement, Stewardship/Conservation and Trails Development (building contiguous safe trails). The BCMT is a link between coastal recreationists and government, First Nations, and stakeholders to help maintain public access to the BC coast.

Maps, Tools, and Resources

  •  A public and member map maintained by volunteers.  We display over 1400 sites on our map (2600 hidden and we are working on it!) The member map has additional measuring tools and additional features for members.
  • Members have access to a data conversion table (e.g. converting data on camping sites. launch and day use sites to a different format for either Google Earth Pro or your GPS unit).
  • Member-only articles.

Our public map has several basic features, but we’ve saved the best for our members. Plot your route with bearing, distance, and coordinates for each leg of your trip, then export to your handheld GPS device.  

Information about individual day-use and campsites is available on our map. Through your membership login, you’ll be able to search and view these sites as individual webpages, and be able to share your own experiences there while reading the comments made by other members.

There is an incredible amount of experience within our community. We want to share this knowledge with our members, from tips and tricks for new paddlers, to talks offered by experts as part of our Speaker Series. 

Additional Member Perks

  • Monthly newsletter
  • We promote businesses and paddling club events on our social media and events calendar
  • Member-only articles
  • Discounts (also on the membership page); there are numerous discounts or perks for members including 15% off maps, store discounts and guided trip discounts.
  • Helpdesk for members
  • Events calendar (including additional presentations from clubs)
  • Some online presentations throughout the year for members and public

Paul Grey

Paul has been a kayaker for over twenty years and has paddled a number of locations around Vancouver Island, Thailand and Hawaii. He has his Paddle Canada I and II and level 1 kayak guide training and certification. He has worked for the BC Marine Trails as a volunteer for approximately ten years in a number of capacities including being the president of the association. He is also the co-author of Easykayaker: A guide to laid-back paddling and Kayaking Vancouver Island. Paul is a fourth generation islander with his roots in the Nanaimo-Extension area. He also enjoys hiking, traveling and reading. He has received awards in 1993 and 1996 from the Prime Minister of Canada for his work in education; Paul is a recipient of a Royal Bank of Canada fellowship to Queen's University.