Trailblazers support critical work

What is a Trailblazer?

Trailblazers are recognized BC Marine Trails leaders who care deeply about the BC Coast and support the hard work of BCMT, its volunteers, and staff. The generous contributions from Trailblazers ensure that others are able to enjoy the Coast safely, sustainably, and respectfully. Trailblazers contribute annual donations of $250 or greater.

As a community-based nonprofit and charity, BC Marine Trails is sustained by the generous individuals, families, and organizations who go above and beyond in their commitment as donors and Trailblazers. Donations enable us to do critical BC coastal work in trails development, First Nations engagement, stewardship, and conservation.

BC Marine Trails is the only organization advocating for public access to recreation on the BC coast — we are steadfast in our commitment to this endeavour.

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What is a Legacy Trailblazer?

A Legacy Trailblazer is any donation in memory of a paddler or recreationist. Often the person has contributed significantly toward recreation on the BC coast.

Meet Our Trailblazers

Bronze Trailblazer

Annual donation of $250 +

Silver Trailblazer

Annual donation of $500 +

Gold Trailblazer

Annual donation of $1000 +


Legacy Trailblazer

Any Trailblazer tier donation in memory of a loved one.


  • Paul Grey
  • Susie Youle
  • Elizabeth & Bob Purdon
  • Norman Marcy
  • Tracy Page
  • Martin Ryer
  • Cynthia Kennedy
  • Roy Millen
  • Stuart Smith
  • Tamara Plush
  • Dan & Jennifer Douglas
  • Canadian Coastal Sailing
  • Southern Gulf Islands Group


  • Karina Younk
  • Reed Clarke
  • Peter Englander
  • David Leaf
  • Jerry & Julee Kaye
  • Steve Best


  • Alan Thomson
  • Stewart & Bean Peddemors
  • Daryl Spencer
  • Doug Horswill


  • Example [Gold]
  • Example [Silver]
  • Example [Silver]

“BCMT envisions the coast as something more than a resource waiting to be stripped and shipped.”

     — Reed Clarke, Trailblazer


“As a Trailblazer, I hope to help preserve the opportunity for my children and grand children to recreate in the wonderful and unique coastal environment of British Columbia. There is nowhere in the world that offers the beauty, serenity, and real-life educational opportunities that we enjoy here on the northwest coast of North America. We must preserve them for the generations to come. “

     —Doug Horswill, Trailblazer

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