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The BCMT public map has several basic features, but we’ve saved the best for our members. Plot your route with bearing, distance, and coordinates for each leg of your trip, see site names as you zoom in or use the additional navigation layer on our map.

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BCMT Member Map

Access our members-only site map. Our public map has several basic features, but we’ve saved the best for our members. Plot your route with bearing, distance, and coordinates for each leg of your trip, then export to your handheld GPS device.

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Your membership directly protects the coast. BCMT's work, in large part, is funded by membership fees. Membership directly funds trail development, First Nations engagement, coastal stewardship, and advocacy for continued public access to the coast.

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Information about individual day-use and campsites is available on our map. Through your membership login, you’ll be able to search and view these sites as individual webpages, and be able to share your own experiences there while reading the comments made by other members.

There is an incredible amount of experience within our community. We want to share this knowledge with our members, from tips and tricks for new paddlers, to talks offered by experts as part of our Speaker Series. 

Why the future of coastal recreation needs us

British Columbia is home to some of the most breathtaking coastal landscapes in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. The future of coastal recreation in BC depends on our ability to preserve and protect these natural treasures for generations to come. This requires each of us to approach coastal recreation as environmental stewards, leaving sites we visited better than we found them and ensuring that our marine trails remain safe and sustainable. If we don’t take care of our coast, the future of public access may be at risk.

Our approach to coastal recreation

Trails Development & Safety

Our Trails Development Committee reviews the entire network of routes along the BC coastline. We analyze gaps in the trails with our heatmap system and organize site assessments to place more sites on our map to ensure safe and contiguous trails. Sites are also reviewed by First Nations.

First Nations Engagement

Since 2019, our initiative has prioritized collaboration with First Nations to develop a marine trail network that respects Indigenous Rights and Title, revising our mapping process to include thorough engagement with coastal First Nations. We aim for all sites displayed on the BCMT map to be approved by all coastal First Nations, directing visitors to approved sites and helping divert recreation away from sensitive areas.

Environmental Stewardship

We value the incredibly diverse environment of the BC Coast and are committed to help protect and preserve it. Our initiatives include shoreline cleanups, invasive species removals, site maintenance and more. We established a marine Code of Conduct, which encourages recreationists to have minimal impact on the environment. Part of our public education program is to raise awareness of our collective role and responsibility as marine stewards.

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