Marine Trail Code of Conduct E-module

Orca by M. Ryer


The Marine Trail Code of Conduct (MTCoC) was developed over several years by a researcher and volunteer team. The Code provides important information about responsible and respectful use of the British Columbia marine environment, and how you can help us preserve and protect it.

You can read more about the MTCoC on our Protecting our Coast webpage. We have both a pocket form and a long form for your perusal including Frequently Asked Questions.

Why not just use Leave No Trace principles? Our MTCoC was developed specifically for a marine environment. We also strongly incorporated respect for First Nations cultural and archaeological sites in our code.

We will be further developing short videos and content to support our MTCoC work in 2024. Stay tuned!

Our stewardship coordinator – use our Helpdesk to contact her – would love to introduce you to the e-module and program. We work with businesses, colleges, and other organizations to introduce our special MTCoC.


We have developed several units on the Code with a set of questions to help you understand the content and messages throughout the Code of Conduct long document. This is a self-marking unit with answers provided. The code can be incorporated into your business, your daily paddling routines, or taught as part of a college or high school course. The lessons are:

  1. Unit 1: Introduction to the course
  2. Unit 2: Campfires | | Questions & Answers
  3.  Unit 3: Human Waste Management | | Questions & Answers
  4. Unit 4: First Nations Visitation | | Questions & Answers
  5. Unit 5: Wildlife and Attractants | | Questions & Answers