Coastal Cafe

Tyler Murphy

It’s Been a Busy Year-ish

Introduction 2021 was an incredibly busy year for our IT Team. We learned early on that our existing IT infrastructure and services (Server, website, and map host) would need to

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Discoveries & Mid Coast
Allan Edwin

Numas Islands, Crossing the Strait

For most paddlers, any mention of the Broughtons refers to the southeastern region of this area, accessed from Telegraph Cove. Less well known are the reaches in the north and

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Central Coast
Susan Conrad

Joie de vivre

Wilderness is a ferocious intoxication which sweeps over your senses with rinsing vitality, leaving you stripped to the vivid, your senses rubbed until they shine.~Jay Griffiths When my mind cycles

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Coastal Journeys
Fred Pishalski

Kayaking God’s Pocket

The park, located on the East side of Goletas Channel, comprises of a group of small islands at the entrance to Queen Charlotte Strait, including Hurst, Bell, Boyle and Crane

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