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Coastal Journeys
Fred Pishalski

What Happened When Covid Came Kayaking

This turned out to be the kayak trip from hell. Inviting Covid along for the paddle—not a great idea! There were eight of us originally. One dropped out a couple of weeks prior to the trip, one dropped out the night before because he was feeling ill (later testing negative),

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Family photo
Coastal Journeys
Gina Gotch

Top Tips for Family Paddling Trips

Heading out to the wilderness with young kids may seem like an overwhelming project but with these tips, you can not only survive but thrive and build memories that last a lifetime.

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Coastal Caretakers
Cris Lewis

Coastal Caretaking in the Broughton Archipelago

I peered into the dense thicket of trees, getting my first look at the forest floor as I searched for suitable island campsites. Squinting against the bright sun shining through the tops of the trees, I felt the soft plush of leaf-covered ground under my kayaking boots as I stepped

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