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The BC Marine Trails Network (BCMT) is a non-profit and charitable organization working together to help secure long term public access to the BC coast. Our mission is to work with First Nations and stakeholders to build, protect and promote a public network of marine trails allowing recreational navigation of the BC coastline with minimal impact on the environment. Find a short history of BCMT here

Safe and contiguous trails

Our Trails Development work enables safe, sustainable and respectful navigation of the coast. It encompasses everything from site assessments and safety mandates to social license over coastal access points. As part of our trail development, we install things like tent platforms, food caches, composting toilets and more. All of this is necessary to keep sites sustainable and is made possible through donations, membership fees and the help of our dedicated volunteers.

First Nations engagement

Collaboration with First Nations is essential in our  work, particularly in developing a marine trail network that respects Indigenous Rights and Title. Recognizing that past mapping of recreational sites lacked engagement with coastal First Nations, we’ve shifted our approach since 2019. We’re now reviewing all known sites with each coastal First Nation, aiming to transform coastal recreation into a practice that respects Indigenous Rights and Title. Our goal, in partnership with the Trails Development Committee, is to establish a coastal recreational resource with full approval from every coastal First Nation. We’re actively engaging with local First Nations to understand their preferences for marine trail sites, reduce user conflicts, and establish respectful visitation guidelines. Our evolving map reflects these ongoing dialogues, guiding visitors to approved sites and away from areas that are environmentally or culturally sensitive, ensuring alignment with both government and local stakeholder expectations.

Protecting the coast

Environmental stewardship is a crucial aspect of our work at BC Marine Trails. We value the incredibly diverse environment of the BC Coast and are committed to helping protect and preserve it for future generations. As we navigate this beautiful coastline, there are many ways that we can give back, taking care to leave sites in a better state than we found them. As an organization, we aim to provide the public with the information and tools needed to become respectful coastal stewards and caretakers.

Our stewardship work is extensive — for a wider view of our initiatives, read here.

A Marine Trail is an integrated network of launch sites, day-use areas, safety stops, and campsites, designed to facilitate safe and accessible travel along its route for recreational watercraft like kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. Spanning the vast majority of the British Columbia coast, these trails are meticulously planned to ensure continuous, safe passage for paddlers, except in areas where the use of naturally powered craft is restricted. The primary goal of the BC Marine Trails Network is to secure formal access to the shoreline, enabling activities such as launching, landing, resting, seeking refuge, and camping. This is crucial for maintaining the trails’ safety, accessibility, and functionality.

Marine trails vary in their offerings, with some providing comprehensive amenities like tent platforms, bear-proof food storage, and waste management facilities, while others offer a more rugged experience with basic, wild campsites. These trails not only cater to a diverse range of paddling experiences, from leisurely day trips to challenging expeditions but also promote environmental stewardship and conservation by encouraging responsible use of coastal ecosystems.

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“Public access to public land is something we take for granted in Canada. Yet it is amazing to see how greatly that access has been eroded even in recent memory. BC Marine Trails is working hard to ensure public access to the British Columbia coast is ensured for future generations. BC Marine Trails cannot be taken for granted as well — the work these volunteers are doing is too important.”

     — John Kimantas, Guide book author

“The BCMT vision, and work being done by fellow paddlers, ensures continued access to the beautiful BC coastline.”

     — Karina Younk, Co-President, BCMT

BCMT approaches First Nations from a place of respect and
learning. BCMT is becoming as adept at navigating and forging relationships with First Nations as its members are
navigating the waters of this beautiful coast.”

     —Morris Prosser and Zakary Myers, First Nations Consultants

The BCMT is the only organization advocating for marine trails on the BC coast. Our voice strongly works on the behalf of paddlers and recreationists to create public access to a network of day-use sites and campsites.”

     — Paul Grey, President, BCMT

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