Protecting the Coast

Environmental stewardship is a crucial aspect of our work at BC Marine Trails. We value the incredibly diverse environment of the BC Coast and are committed to helping protect and preserve it for future generations. As we navigate this beautiful coastline, there are many ways that we can give back, taking care to leave sites in a better state than we found them. As an organization, we aim to provide the public with the information and tools needed to become respectful coastal stewards and caretakers.

Recently, the BC Marine Trails participated in a Outdoor Recreation Council of BC stewardship workshop and presented our ‘Stewardship In Action’ on Protecting the Coast programs. This is a video extracted from the workshop.


Public Education

We developed a Marine Code of Conduct to minimize the environmental impact of coastal recreation. The Code outlines best practices and gives context to the environmental and cultural significance of the British Columbia coast.

Coastal Caretakers

Did you know that British Columbia's rugged coastline stretches for 25,725 km? With so much coast to maintain, we launched this project to inspire individuals, clubs, and businesses to become Coastal Caretakers and join us in preserving these wild places.

Site Condition Reports

Consider combining your adventure with contributing valuable data on marine sites through site condition reporting. This not only helps us ensure the safety and sustainability of our trails, but also makes you an integral part of our organization.

Collaborative Cleanups

We invite volunteers to join as we work with other organizations to collect, sort, and remove larger debris from shorelines. We have also worked with volunteers to remove invasive species from Gerald Island. Join us and give your paddle a purpose.
“As a brand that is committed to inspiring a love of the water and protecting the lives of those living beyond land, we deeply appreciate the work that BC Marine Trails is doing to preserve and protect the BC coastline. With their continued efforts, the BC coastline will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.”
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