Linking and Protecting the BC Coast Together

Driven by a shared love for our coastline


BC Marine Trails is a non-profit and charitable organization working together to help secure long term public access to the BC coast. 

Our mission is to work with First Nations and stakeholders to build, protect and promote a public network of marine trails allowing recreational navigation of the BC coastline with minimal impact on the environment. 

About Membership

At BCMT we love to share our deep connection to the water, the land, and our marine recreation community.

We are here to guide and inspire you to explore the BC Coast safely, sustainably, and respectfully, through simple, practical resources.

Find all the information you need to plan your next adventure.

Three Pillars




In our commitment to nurturing a love for the water and prioritizing the safety of those who embrace life beyond land, we extend sincere appreciation for the ongoing efforts of BC Marine Trails. Their dedication to preserving and safeguarding the BC coastline ensures that it will be cherished by generations to come.

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