Site Reporting

Your input is critical. When you’re at a site, let us know what it was like. It will help keep things safe and sustainable for everyone who wants to enjoy the BC coast. 

There are several ways you can report for us:

Site Condition Report

This SCR form only takes a few minutes to fill in. Works on mobile or Desktop. The data is also used on our map.

Site Assessment

A longer and more comprehensive form for new sites or under-assessed sites. Takes approx 20 minutes.

By doing a Site Assessment, you can help us get an overview of an active or potential site. You can do this when visiting any location, but it is most applicable to undeveloped wilderness sites. 

The Site Assessment form does require some training but you can generally follow this overview as a reference for what to look for. You can print and take the overview with you to take notes to fill out the online version when you’re home again. Alternatively, use a Word or PDF version to complete off-line. It is best to complete site assessments at low tide.

To learn how to convert coordinates to the required decimal format, click here!

Site Management Team

Paul Grey (BCMT President): directs inquiries about Site Condition Reports or Potential Site Assessments. Contact at

Nick Heath (Director): oversees the management of our site data. Contact at to send photos that would help us visualize the issues you are raising, or additional questions/concerns about site data.