Protecting the Coast

What are we doing in 2023/24? We are planning on several activities that support Protecting the Coast. We will continue with two invasive species removal cleanups on Gerald Island, a Vargas Island marine debris cleanup, promoting the Coastal Caretakers program and looking after 16 recreation sites.

Why type of education programs do you have? We currently are working on two areas within our Code of Conduct: Firepits and First Nations visitor guidelines. Our Stewardship Coordinator is working with different groups to promote this work. We also give presentations to organizations.

How are you reporting on the condition of campsites along the coast? We rely heavily on paddlers to use our reporting system. In some instances we have used Site Condition Reports to direct clean ups to specific areas.

Why should I support this campaign? Volunteer organizations are doing a lot of the clean up work for free.  In 2023, we have launched a wonderful new program called Coastal Caretakers which will make BC simply a better place through reporting and personal efforts to clean up beaches along the coast.