World Ocean’s Week Challenge

June 1st - 8th, 2022

people picking up trash

To show our love of the coast, BC Marine Trails is working in partnership with other organizations to promote World Oceans Week June 1-8, 2022

This year’s theme is Caring for our Coast.
We invite all BC Marine Trails members to share an activity that shows how you are taking action to preserve the natural beauty of our coastal environment.

WOW! What can you do?

Lead or join a Shoreline Cleanup

Lead or join a Shoreline Cleanup on your own, with friends, or through Ocean Wise. Need help getting started? Contact us at

If you send us the date, time, and location of your cleanup, we can add it to our events calendar.

Send us your pictures

Send your pictures with a short description to

We will use these submissions on our website and in our monthly newsletters to show the many ways BCMT paddlers are ‘Caring for our Coast’

Submit a WOW123 cleanup report

Submit a WOW123 and include a photo showing your actions in returning the site to its natural state (removing debris, dismantling a fire ring above high tide, etc.).

The WOW123 is a simple version of the SCR and it can be used for any location, even those not yet listed on our map.

“Pack along your gloves and a litter bag each time you go kayaking!!”


With increasing use of outdoor recreation areas, it is more important than ever that we be proactive in protecting these areas to ensure we have continued access.


Our BC Marine Trails Code of Conduct was specifically developed to promote respect and care of our sensitive marine environments. It is equally applicable to all watershed areas along our coasts.


Every time we leave a launch site and a paddling destination cleaner than we found it, we are adding to a positive view of our paddling community. Every time we pack a pair of gloves and a bag to collect debris when we head out for a paddle, we show we are ready to act!

Picking up a few plastic bottles or bits of Styrofoam may seem like small gestures, but these collective, caring actions go a long way to supporting BC Marine Trails’ conversations with partner groups to ensure access to recreational sites along BC’s coasts.

WOW Gallery

Remember to share your “WOW” moments with BCMT to celebrate your contributions to preserving the beauty and the access to our coastal communities for now and for future generations.