Become a Trailblazer

Who is a Trailblazer? A Trailblazer is a recognized BC Marine Trails leader who supports the BC Marine Trails programs. They believe in the BCMT’s approach of safe, sustainable and respectful trails. Trailblazers are sometimes consulted on BCMT affairs.

What does a Trailblazer do? The main role of a Trailblazer is supportive. Many Trailblazers believe strongly in protecting access to our coastline and engaging respectively with First Nations.

Do Trailblazers get any special benefits? Trailblazers are featured on a special page. Our operational assistance writes a special newsletter to the Trailblazers about three times a year.

Why should I support the Trailblazer program? Everyone has a different reason. It may be to support continued access to our coastline. Coastal routes or trails are more than just a dream but can be reality. The BCMT is working with various Nations to gain social license and develop safe marine networks. Many Trailblazers are just proud to support BCMT work. We will contact you on each anniversary on your donation to see if you would like to donate again. Thank you.