First Nations Engagement

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What work are we doing? We developed a six-step engagement reconciliation program to respectfully work and understand First Nations on the BC coastline. We reviewed our First Nations progream in the summer of 2021 and again in 2023.  We are at various stages of engagement with different Nations.

Why are we working with First Nations (see our First Nations webpage)? Our guiding principles encompass working proactively with Aboriginal Peoples to build mutually beneficial relationships based on a shared understanding of our respective rights and interests. We respect existing and asserted Aboriginal treaty rights. We respect communities’ assertions regarding their traditional territories. We also want to emphasize early and timely discussions with local Aboriginal communities.

How are we working with First Nations? We are sharing data about where paddlers and boaters commonly go in a Nations’ territory. By sharing site data (i.e. campsites) and engaging respectfully we are gaining social  license to paddle within each Nation’s territory. We also share our Marine Trail Code of Conduct and our Marine Trail safety mandate with each Nation.

Who are you working with? We are working with over 30 coastal First Nations including the Quatsino, Heiltsuk and Haida.

What are funds used for? The funds go to two mains areas: employing a First Nations liaison for engagement and also some funds are used for site assessments.