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Sunshine Coast Sun and Sand Day Trip

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This trip is the ideal Sunshine Coast getaway for a relaxed outing if the forecast is for sun and low winds. Head out from Friendship Beach, a primary Salish Sea Marine Trail launch site, and head north as far as your inspiration and circumstances allow. How far is irrelevant, because wonderful pocket beaches are scattered along your route. One great destination is Sargeant Bay Provincial Park. It is 9 km from Friendship Park, so lounge at the beach, have lunch and return to Sechelt as part of a relaxing but full day.

If conditions are really favorable, skirt offshore and visit the nearby islands on your way back for a change of scenery.

Level: Beginner if conditions are ideal, but generally recommended as an intermediate level due to the potential for volatile conditions in the exposed water. Watch for rising afternoon winds even in ideal conditions. Water can become choppy and challenging if winds rise above 10 knots, so monitor forecasts.

Distance: 18 km return.


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