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The Salish Sea Marine Trail can be enjoyed as one long expedition, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy just portions. Browse our adventure itineraries and use our adventure gateways for ideas for your Salish Sea trip. We can also help with specific travel situations. Read on to find a situation that fits yours.

Arriving by plane to Vancouver International Airport 

Don't feel stranded when you arrive from distant destinations! You can start your adventure from any of the gateways by taking a scheduled floatplane flight to Victoria, Nanaimo or Sechelt. In most cases shuttles are available to from the airport the floatplane terminal.

This can be combined with a kayak rental at your destination. This eliminates the need for a ferry and so can drastically reduces your travel time. Try Harbour Air and Seair to test an itinerary. Ask Harbour Air about their kayak rentals and how you can create a custom linear Salish Sea Marine Trail trip by connecting the dots between flight locations and kayak transportation so you don't have to return to where you started.

Arriving by car from Washington and the U.S.

You may find it simpler to make your way to Victoria via one of the multitude of ferry connections:

Washington State Ferry - Arrive at Sidney, perfect for starting your trip of the Salish Sea Marine Trail from Tulista Park. You can then take the Tsawwassen ferry back from Vancouver to Swartz Bay. If done as a walk-on, paddle-off journey, you could paddle from Swartz Bay to Tulista Park to return by ferry. Perfect!

Blackball Coho ferry - Daily departures between Port Angeles and Victoria.

Helpful tips to leave the car behind

You can launch from a multitude of locations along the Salish Sea Marine Trail route to start your trip, but general problem is going to be you'll have to return to your car somehow. The solution is to leave your car behind! Here are a few options to help you on your way.

BC Ferries Walk-on, Paddle-off program: BC Marine Trails has put together a program in cooperation with BC Ferries to get you on your way without a car. Simply walk your kayak onto a ferry, then walk it off on the other side to your launch location. We've highlighted all the suitable terminals to make planning your trip easy.

Do you know Evo? This carshare co-op is popular in Vancouver, and for good reason. 1) You don't have to return the car to the starting location, and 2) it has roof racks ideal for stowing a kayak and other types of paddlecraft. Just bring ropes and foam pads and load up. Park at your launch location and then never worry about that car again. This works well for launches out of Vancouver on itineraries where you can take a ferry back again or otherwise eventually connect with an Evo car again. An example would be a paddle out of Vancouver, a journey of the Salish Sea to Swartz Bay in Victoria, a walk onto the ferry for an exit at Tsawwassen where you can find another Evo car to get you home.

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