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BC Marine Trails: Preserving BC coastal access for small craft users.

Volunteer Positions

The BC Marine Trails is hiring a First Nations Liaison and Public Programs Coordinators. This position is now closed.

Immediate volunteer position(s)

pdfIT Technician - Managing information is as critical to the mission of BC Marine Trails as it is in the business world. If you have skills and experience with supporting information systems and databases, you can help us work smarter and more efficiently.

pdfWeb Master - Preparing and delivering information to the web so that it stands out is an incredible challenge. Help BC Marine Trails meet that challenge and get our message out effectively using your mastery of web tools. Experience with Joomla CMS will be appreciated.

You can make a difference with your volunteer time and effort. Send a resume and contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started. 

Executive members

We will be filling one position at least during the November 30th AGM in Nanaimo at Beban Park. Information on our Events page will be posted by mid-October.

Committee members

Find your niche by helping out with a committee. The workload need not be arduous -- provide input into policy and planning, take on tasks that fit your skillset and interest and generally learn about what is involved in the various aspects of what it takes to make a marine trail system.  

Communications: Help with social media, organizing events and building our public profile by becoming part of the BCMTNA's communications team. There are numerous aspects to this fast-paced and energetic committee. Help us get the word out to the world through your creativitity. 

Stewardship: Help create and oversee projects designed to protect the coast and the sites we love to use. Many forward-looking projects are underway that will play a significant role in how the public uses the British Columbia coast for recreation. Be part of this important and ground-breaking initiative.

Trails development: Be part of the planning team that is embarking on new trail and site development. Help map out the site inventory, data management and strategic planning of the marine trail system. A highly important job. Help chart the course that the BC marine trails system takes, particularly as new projects come on line now the Salish Sea Marine Trail is complete.

Interested? Apply by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Marine Trail Planning Team Members

The BC Marine Trails Network is currently looking for ideal candidates to form part of a team to oversee marine trail project regions. Projects are currently operating in North Vancouver Island, the Discovery Islands and the Sechelt/Jervis Inlet area. A priority project area requiring a team is the Broughton/Johnstone region, and the BCMTNA is currently shopping for volunteers who can spearhead the important work to be done in this popular kayaking area. Another priority location is Clayoquot Sound, which is undergoing land use decisions that will affect the marine trails initiative and so requires BCMTNA representation. In the near future the BCMTNA also plans to examine the next phase of the Gulf Islands region and would like a team to form to begin examining the project potential in the Gulf Islands. 

Part of the team involvement for marine trail planning is to provide project oversight and high-level planning through a formalized planning structure. A goal of each project is to ensure they are fully funded to allow all ground-level participating in site planning and evaluation, as well as expenses related to consultations and research. These are key positions that will play a vital part in the marine trail creation process on the BC coast.

Stewardship/Site Condition Reporting

When you are paddling and visiting sites send us a SCR—that is, a report on the condition of a site(s). We have both a fillable pdf form that you need to save and send to our stewardship director (e-mail on form) or we have an online form that is sent automatically to the stewardship director. Please visit this page for online forms and information: https://www.bcmarinetrails.org/how-to-help/stewardship







The BC Marine Trails New Vision: The entire B.C. coastline linked through marine routes and land sites for sustainable water-based public recreation.

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