Our Trailblazers

A Trailblazer is a recognized BC Marine Trails leader who supports the BC Marine Trails programs. They believe in the BCMT’s three-pillar approach:

1. First Nations engagement;
2. The development of safe trails (based on Marine Trail Safety Mandate); and
3. A sustainable approach to trail building and protecting our coastline (in support of the Marine Trail Code of Conduct and other sustainable practices and efforts).

A Trailblazer also understands the importance of future public access to public places. The BC Marine Trails endeavours to advocate for access to coastal campsites. launch sites, and day use sites along the BC coast. 

Become a Trailblazer

Join the team and become a leader in building the largest marine trail system in the world. 

Our Trailblazers contribute $250+ annually to the BC Marine Trails or you can contribute $25 month recurring. This program officially started May 1, 2021.

Please go to our Canadahelps page and choose Trailblazer. You can contribute monthly at $25 (recurring payment on Canadahelps) or a one-time payment of $250 or more. All donations are charitable and tax-deductible.

Our Trailblazers

Individual & Family Trailblazers

  1. Jerry and Julee Kaye - Supporters of BC Marine Trails for 25 years
  2. Paul & Imelda Grey - Passion for the BC Marine Trails, its Vision, its Mission
  3. Elizabeth Purdon - Strong supporter of the BC Marine Trails...
  4. Martin Ryer - I’m proud to support the important work BC Marine Trails is doing.
  5. Karina Younk - I love the BCMT vision and the work being done by fellow paddlers to ensure continued access to our beautiful coastlines!
  6. Steve Best - Proud supporter of the BC Marine Trails!
  7. Lyle Wilkinson - Long-time supporter of the organization's work to preserve camping access on our British Columbia coast!
  8. Doug Horswill - Looking forward to being involved in this important work!
  9. Brian Horswill - A proud supporter of the BC Marine Trails!
  10. Nick Heath - I've volunteered for many years to make our many coastal routes real, rather than just dreams.  Maybe you can help too?  Our grandchildren will thank us for this!
  11. Dan and Jennifer Douglas - We are happy to continue supporting your great work!
  12. Daryl Spencer - Proud to be able to able to support the great work BCMTNA does!
  13. David Leaf, Mary Anne Pultz - David and Mary appreciate the long-term vision of BCMT to find and preserve campsites for kayakers! (see their profile in August, 2021 news)
  14. Tracy Page - The work that BC marine trails is important in so many ways. I especially appreciate the engagement being done with First Nations communities and the communication to the larger Marine Trails network on where we can / can't access to ensure we respect First Nations land. The maps are integral for planning trips and they're great for finding little-known, excellent launch points close to home!
  15. Norman Marcy - Dedicated to engagement with First Nations to reconcile BCMT goals with coastal original peoples.
  16. Bean and Stewart Peddemors - Paddling the BC coast since 1991 and we are just happy that we can give back to a great organization.

Business & Corporate Trailblazers

1. New category - we will include the business logo and a brief write-up of your business and why you support the BCMT Trailblazer program.


The BC Marine Trails New Vision: The entire B.C. coastline linked through marine routes and land sites for safe and sustainable water-based public recreation.

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