Sophia Islands west

Discoveries & Mid Coast
Paddling Area:Johnstone Strait
Coordinates:50.534350, -126.634854
Site Type:Informal site secondary
Tent Sites:2
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:none
Last Update:08/26/2023

Landing Comments:

Easy, rock/pebble/cobble only at mid water levels. Most or all beaches flood at high water making landing difficult on angular bedrock. Boulders present at low water. Exposed E aspect. Larger W island of group. Another high water landing beach reported on S side but unverified, unlikely viable at Springs.

Camp Comments:

Exposed, attractive small tent sites in open just above shoreline requiring difficult access up steep rocks. Challenging place to load, unload stow boats. At least 2 parties have tried to camp here but have given up.

Other Comments:

View, wild flowers. See Qwiquallaaq/Boat Bay Conservancy .

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  1. Gina Gotch

    MARTIN RYER commented July 28, 2022. I visited on July 18th, 2022 and was incredibly surprised at how much of an idyllic location this is. I highly recommend visiting and camping here.

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