Skull Cove

Discoveries & Mid Coast
Paddling Area:Queen Charlotte Strait
Coordinates:51.0488732, -127.5649929
Site Type:Informal site primary
Tent Sites:5
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:04/02/2024

Landing Comments:

Unpleasant at less than high water but well protected on sand, gravel beach. Deep sucking mud at low tide or use insecure stairway access 130 m away to reach cliff top research camp area, cabins.

Camp Comments:

3 sheltered dreary upland sites along boggy trail under trees or others on cliff top among 9 cabins or shelters with stairway access. Cabins in good condition (2019) so usable if unoccupied. One report suggests these were abandoned (2012). Covered fire pit. Stairs could be hazardous especially at top. Photo shows lower upland shore site which might not remain dry at springs. Possible outhouse but not found by most recent reporting party (2019)

Other Comments:

Archaeological site. Upland clifftop is occupied occasionally by whale research group Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation. or possibly abandoned. Loxiwe (clam garden) in cove, so avoid foot traffic and make upland sanitation arrangements. Cliff site aka Xusela, Kwa’kwala for fort.

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  1. Jon Dawkins

    Access at anything other than high tide is challenging to the point that I don’t intend to ever go back.

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