Serpent Islands

Central Coast
Paddling Area:Calvert Hakai
Coordinates:51.7959478, -128.1687161
Site Type:Dispersed site primary
Tent Sites:10
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:12/19/2019

Landing Comments:

Easy, in small protected sand cove. Site hidden by rocky islets. Approach from NE, on SE of middle and largest islet. Other channels have surge. At lower tides narrow sandy beach is visible between main island and rocky islets but appears to end in rocks. This is the landing. Cove opens to the right only at head of initial beach. At high water over 11.5 ft this initial beach covers so campsite even harder to find but allows entry to sandy cove without portage. Note that sandy landing beach regularly floods.

Camp Comments:

Sheltered, undeveloped. Cleared sites above beach.

Other Comments:

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