Rays Island west

North Coast
Paddling Area:Hecate Strait
Coordinates:52.4861164, -129.0082256
Site Type:Informal site primary
Tent Sites:10
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:none
Last Update:12/02/2020

Landing Comments:

All tide wide sand beach protected from swell but open to SE wind. NW aspect. Low gradient.

Camp Comments:

Extensive beach camping but fewer sites at Springs (5 m or higher). Drift logs spaced apart. Elaborate upland camp above centre beach for 2-3 tents. Hammock opportunities. G Lewis gives coordinates as N52D 29.146M,W129D 0.515W (Datum unknown).

Other Comments:

Attractive. A Kayak Bill site. Water at creek about 0.9 NM NNE behind islet. An easily accessible stream reported closer but no details given – might be same location.

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