Penn Islands southwest

Discoveries & Mid Coast
Paddling Area:Discovery Islands
Coordinates:50.1797833, -125.03555
Site Type:Informal site secondary
Tent Sites:3 - 5
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:06/27/2024

Landing Comments:

Mixed exposed beach of varying gradient. Easy at high water on gravel, pebble medium gradient with small boat run. Awkward to difficult at mid or low water on steep beach of boulders, smaller mixed rocks, Boulders to sides, reefs in W approach. S aspect. Could be hazardous in S wind, swell.

Camp Comments:

Undeveloped. 1 good site on mossy W bluff, 2 other feasible with brushing. 1 or 2 beach sites if levelled, but might flood at Springs. Be aware of hazardous tree reported at W bluff.

Other Comments:

Attractive. View. Wildlife viewing.

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