Nucleus Reef

Central Coast
Paddling Area:Fitz Hugh Sound
Coordinates:51.5741695, -127.7947362
Site Type:Informal site secondary
Tent Sites:1
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:08/25/2019

Landing Comments:

Moderate gradient gravel beach with some larger rocks at low water. Steeper gradient with small patches of gravel, larger rocks, boulders, bedrock at high water. Protection from S by islet, rocky tombolo. Approach only from N. Watch for offshore rocks. Landing not obvious when arriving from S.

Camp Comments:

On gravel, shell beach top between islet, tombolo. Appears to be above most summer tide peaks but one party camping at Springs in mid summer reported only marginal clearance. Up to 4 potential forest upland sites located 50 m N of tombolo would need heavy tree debris moving, brushing.

Other Comments:

Possible water source at Henderson Bay not confirmed. Paddling North 2018 Camp 27 Wed, Jun 20, 2018 10:45 PM Lat: 51.574699 Lon: -127.793822

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