Moulds Bay

Discoveries & Mid Coast
Paddling Area:Discovery Islands
Coordinates:50.1354161, -125.1938376
Site Type:Launch Site
Tent Sites:n/a
Site Access:Road, sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:09/02/2020

Landing Comments:

Moderate on rough beach. Low gradient. Many angular, stable boulders, cobble. Open to SE. Short but rough access from vehicles. Drift logs. Preferable to avoid low water. Launch at cable right of way.

Camp Comments:

No camping permitted.

Other Comments:

At end of Valdez Road off Village Bay Road. Park along Valdez Road but posted “no overnight parking” hence for day use only. Overnight parking by users reported at side of Valdez Road (2020). Small hiking trail leads NE to next bay.

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