Kent Island 1

Discoveries & Mid Coast
Paddling Area:Queen Charlotte Strait
Coordinates:50.905246, -127.537951
Site Type:Day Use
Tent Sites:4
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:none
Last Update:05/29/2024

Landing Comments:

Easy on low gradient sand, gravel, boulder beach protected at all tides. End of the lagoon muddy and difficult at moderate or low tides.

Camp Comments:

Undeveloped. Sheltered. Camp at top of beach between bushes, above all but highest tides. Level pebble, gravel.

Other Comments:

Other sites to N have worse landings. Mahpahkum-Ahkwuna/Deserters-Walker Conservancy. Site is First Nation ‘sea garden’. See: Mahpahkum-Ahkwuna/Deserters-Walker Conservancy .

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