Juxwada Wilby Point

North Coast
Paddling Area:Laredo
Coordinates:52.5581645, -128.8133368
Site Type:Dispersed site primary
Tent Sites:unknown
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:12/15/2023

Landing Comments:

Moderate on coarse sand, pebble beach mixed with cobble on E side of point. Ribs of rock stretch to N. Recommended beach lies 500 m to SE.

Camp Comments:

Sheltered, undeveloped. Attractive sites on beach behind drift logs or in trees back 15 m above first beach, approx 200m S of point. At Springs room for only 1 tent here. Elsewhere, forest irregular, buggy. Mix of sand, pebble, shale. More than one beach to choose among to SE of point. Pole structure standing 2010.
Beach 500 m to SW reported to flood. Beach 500 m to SE reported to be best for camping. Upland sites available nearby to NW of same beach. Some commercial use by groups.

Other Comments:

Salt marsh, inter-tidal life, large trees. Treehouse. Possible water sources. On outer edge of Gitdisdzu Lugkyeks (Kitasu Bay) Marine Protected Area declared by Kitasoo Xai’Xais Nation. Jux’wada (Wilby Point) is designated camping site for Protected Area, nearby Kinmał (Parsons Anchorage) and Lax’cga (Marvin Islands) are restricted areas. See: Gitdisdzu Lugyeks (Kitasu Bay) Marine Protected Area for more information.” See: Kitasoo Spirit Bear Conservancy

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