Indian Cove

Central Coast
Paddling Area:Cape Caution
Coordinates:51.1869809, -127.7801192
Site Type:Informal site primary
Tent Sites:4 - 6
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:03/21/2024

Landing Comments:

Moderate or difficult approach to landing, open ocean, surf, sand. Protected by reefs and rocks offshore. Avoid approaching in any swell, flood tide best. Fog, boomers. Well-protected beach once past entrance reefs. Water smoother to S of small islet in centre of entrance. At tides above half height, in calm conditions with good visibility, passage along the S shore to S of the largest islet is easiest route.

Camp Comments:

Sheltered, undeveloped. Aug 2023 report only 2 cleared upland forest site at S end, also flat beach sites on fine sand. Reported 4 or 5 sites along trail to Blunden Bay not seen 2023. Lots of room above high water in horseshoe bay 400 m long.

Other Comments:

Attractive, curved bay. Squeaking sands. Trail across headland between Indian Cove and NE Blunden Bay. Water at creek S of Blunden Bay requires boat access. Water also reported 30 min walk at N end of beach and smaller seasonal streams in Blunden Bay. Aug 2023 report that stream was impounded during low tides and not enough flow at other times to be drinkable. Further N beyond beach a seep pond in rocks is a source. See: Ugʷiwa’/Cape Caution–Blunden Bay Conservancy

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  1. Nick Heath

    Thks. Good catch! Image moved on our map NH

  2. Jon Dawkins

    The 4th image of the expansive beach is Blunden Bay, not Indian Cove. At the far north end of the beach above the high, high tide there was water seeping out of the forest and collecting in a good sized basin in the rock. It is a source of water for the animals as was indicated by the flattened by the long grass so be sure to filter. It’s pretty brown but more convenient than going over to Blunden Bay IMO.

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