Hardinge Island

Discoveries & Mid Coast
Paddling Area:Discovery Islands
Coordinates:50.35565, -125.3579833
Site Type:Dispersed site primary
Tent Sites:4
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:07/11/2020

Landing Comments:

Easy on pebble, gravel beach at high water, much cobble, some boulders at low water. SW side of island. Exposed W aspect.

Camp Comments:

Undeveloped. Campsites in open forest behind the large rock at centre beach. Potential for several more sites. Hammock opportunities. ** Hazardous trees observed at here June 2020 – until situation has been remedied camping is recommended higher up slope where deadfall is less likely .**

Other Comments:

Wild Coast Atlas shows site in incorrect location. Sheltered anchorages at various locations. Cetan Thurston Bay Conservancy.
See: Cetan Thurston Bay Conservancy .

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