Garden Point

Vancouver Island
Paddling Area:Nuchatlitz
Coordinates:49.8470325, -126.9000167
Site Type:Campsite primary
Tent Sites:10 - 14
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:08/31/2021

Landing Comments:

Easy sheltered sand, mud, shell, cobble beach. Gradient of 3% – 5%. Beach dries far, so long carry at low water. At low water, low swill, approach from W onto pebble beach likely easier.

Camp Comments:

Upland area in forest behind point, or upper beach. Main campsite at base of tombolo. Two possible campsites on islet, which is reported as brighter. Pit toilet reported full and no longer usable (2019). Large fire pit. Good all weather site but gloomy.

Other Comments:

Water at creek. View. At one time, persistent reports of black bear activity but might not be problem now (2020). Sea otter viewing.

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