Farm Bay

South Coast Mainland
Paddling Area:Strait of Georgia North
Coordinates:49.47630, -123.95928
Site Type:Campsite primary
Tent Sites:10
Site Access:Sea, trail
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:03/26/2024

Landing Comments:

Easy on moderate gradient cobble, pebble beach in narrow cove. Many drift logs. SE aspect. Exposed to SE. Well protected from other directions. Logs, flotsam potentially awkward at high water. Prominent white park dogwood sign to N on low cliff near cove entrance. Larger mud beach to S of cove (Table Bay) inaccessible except at high water.

Camp Comments:

Undeveloped campsite in roomy, level, grassy upland, but sloped. Minor rustic furniture. No fires permitted but sign no longer present (2023). Hammock opportunities nearby. Hazard trees present 2024.

Other Comments:

Attractive. Water year-round at lake (beaver pond) 200 m NW. Wildlife viewing. Potential additional tent sites at adjacent former farm site near Park kiosk. Extensive hiking trails, some muddy. See Simson Provincial Park. Also known as Alder Bay.

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