Attwood Bay entrance

South Coast Mainland
Paddling Area:Desolation Toba
Coordinates:50.309836, -124.661406
Site Type:Informal site primary
Tent Sites:2 - 4
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:09/11/2022

Landing Comments:

Easy, on gravel beach with angular cobble above. Land N of reek mouth. Boat run at low – mid water levels. Little beach at high water, floods to treeline. Log boom may be across small bay mouth. W aspect. Exposed to W which causes strong chop at landing but not known to cause actual surf.

Camp Comments:

Undeveloped. Some rough clearings N of creek. Good potential. If brushed, further tent sites feasible on flat dry ground growing ferns, brambles. Minor deadfall needs clearing. Hazard trees likely. Hammock opportunities.

Other Comments:

Attractive. View. Water at seasonal creek with small waterfall. Creek might have year-round flow. Bathing opportunities. Float homes, development in bay to N. Log dump nearby to N.

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