Anderson Bay

South Coast Mainland
Paddling Area:Strait of Georgia North
Coordinates:49.5173069, -124.1352745
Site Type:Dispersed site secondary
Tent Sites:2
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:09/12/2022

Landing Comments:

Protected cove. Inner rough beaches of cobble, rubble. Rock shelves at low water. S aspect. Also smoother, easier beach moderate gradient on outer side of isthmus, N aspect. Cobble upper beach, gravel lower.

Camp Comments:

Undeveloped on isthmus of peninsula. Fire pits. Small clearings in open forest. Low salal undergrowth.

Other Comments:

View. Provincial Boat Haven. Inactive log dump on W bay shore. Head of bay is outside Park, has crown lease upland, low gradient silt beach, mudflats, flotsam at low water. Also reported as having public road access to or near shoreline. Island immediately to S has rough landing beach on N side for possible picnic site. See Anderson Bay Provincial Park

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