Adam River

Discoveries & Mid Coast
Paddling Area:Johnstone Strait
Coordinates:50.4682394, -126.2892933
Site Type:Launch Site
Tent Sites:n/a
Site Access:Sea, road
Marine Trail:none
Last Update:03/28/2020

Landing Comments:

Easy, rubble/pebble at breakwater, dryland sort or at boat club concrete ramp. Currents, wind hazards in Strait.

Camp Comments:

Active log sort in 2012. Seek permission to launch. Small boat club on private land. Former main camp area to S open and unattractive and currently under private lease. Reported site for camping away from industrial area not found.

Other Comments:

Water at river. Road access well-maintained 2012. Launch site by permission. View. Vehicle access S of the dryland log sort area may be used by permission. Active industrial zone 2012.

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