Surge Narrows north

Discoveries & Mid Coast
Paddling Area:Discovery Islands
Coordinates:50.2377176, -125.1424441
Site Type:Dispersed site secondary
Tent Sites:2
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:06/08/2020

Landing Comments:

Moderate on rock ledges at high water. Low gradient beach at low water. Beach floods entirely. Strong currents nearby. Kelp. SE aspect,

Camp Comments:

Large grass clearing between beach, forest. Sunny. Long grass can make summer tenting awkward.

Other Comments:

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  1. Werner Ostermann

    Hi, just returned from the surge narrows north site. Its a good candidate for a cleanup. Being a old logging/settler site the beach is littered with glass, much of it broken bottles. A person needs to be careful as some broken bottles are embedded vertical with sharp edges upward. Old electric motors at the camp area and who knows what is in the sedge, bramble, thistle and flower “meadow.” Not a large meadow, just a small open area suitable for a couple of tents for camping. Lots of mint and ginger growing from the settler days. Broom, Roses and English Ivy in a small area near the camp area that doesn’t seem to be spreading. Most of the so called meadow is overgrown, with a level spot beaten down for a tent. Some snakes. There is no need for rock ledge landings as the low gradient beach slopes into the meadow. There is a small creek beside the camp. There is a cleared kayak carry through the low tides boulders. As you approach towards the obvious grassed clearing to camp, the carry is to your right. A trail starts from the camp that does a circle route through some pretty forest and up onto a ridge overlooking Surge Narrows. It is marked with tape that can be difficult to locate and the trail is hard to distinguish at times as it is overgrown – but it is a wonderful trail for those wanting to spend a few hours exploring.

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