Martin Islands

South Coast Mainland
Paddling Area:Desolation Toba
Coordinates:50.1101667, -124.8216667
Site Type:Informal site primary
Tent Sites:6
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:06/11/2022

Landing Comments:

Easy on either N or S of tombolo except S side reported blocked by log (2022). Shale, gravel with cleared boat run on N side running W to E through boulders, visible when close. S side has many drift logs.

Camp Comments:

Undeveloped. Sheltered large clear site in centre, smaller areas on W island. Picnic table, benches. Suited to groups. Potential for more sites. 2 or more upland fire pits.

Other Comments:

Attractive. On tombolo – islands not completely split as shown on chart. High use requires attention to good sanitation practices. Report received of high use by instructional or commercial groups for prolonged periods.

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  1. Glen Jackson

    2022 September: Someone has built a makeshift pit toilet out of a hollow log mounted on an old sign. Follow the yellow flagging from the south side landing.
    No freshwater source on island, but water can be restocked (by donation) at nearby Refuge Cove (which also has a well-stocked store).

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