Roar Islets

Central Coast
Paddling Area:Milbanke Sound
Coordinates:52.28635, -128.384650
Site Type:Dispersed site primary
Tent Sites:3
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:08/24/2019

Landing Comments:

Easy on sand, shell, gravel beach at all tides on N side of tombolo-like beach. S side is much rougher. N aspect. Some protection from S. Scattered boulders, rock outcrops.

Camp Comments:

Upland cleared site, fire pit on N point. Beach camping on 2-6 cm angular gravel in small level areas at most water levels including over 4.5 m, but might flood on tides over 4.9 m.

Other Comments:

A Kayak Bill site, but little remains. Some reporters give camping location slightly to SW of point.

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