Dallas Island

Central Coast
Paddling Area:Milbanke Sound
Coordinates:52.3673388, -128.4718685
Site Type:Informal site primary
Tent Sites:8
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:02/08/2022

Landing Comments:

Clamshell, sand beach with NE aspect at NE corner of island. Approach through reefs, large jagged rocks. Beach possibly accessible from other side of point i.e. NW.

Camp Comments:

Beach camping at most or all tides. Cleared upland sites at forest edge. Stone fire pit. N Frazer locates at N 52 D 22.02 M. Some debris of old camp present (2017). Hammock opportunities.

Other Comments:

Attractive. View. A ‘Kayak Bill’ site.

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