Turner Cove

Discoveries & Mid Coast
Paddling Area:Broughton Tribune
Coordinates:50.9268833, -126.72775
Site Type:Informal site secondary
Tent Sites:unknown
Site Access:Sea
Marine Trail:N/A
Last Update:06/07/2019

Landing Comments:

W or E shore of protected cove. On W shore, moderately sloped clam bed mud beach with mixed rocks, gravel at high water. One area next to a large rock outcrop on the beach free of low water boulders. Beach may flood at springs.

Camp Comments:

On W shore at N50D 55.683M,W126D 43.925M beach gives access to upland that appears fairly level but dense, mossy forest with old logging surface disturbance. On E shore, grassy point could be brushed but might be too steep for easy camping. Either area requires work.

Other Comments:


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