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Elliots Beach Park launch

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About Elliots Beach Park Launch Site

This launch site is a short cozy beach with a large overhanging tree. From the island highway (traveling north) turn right onto Breton-Page Road and then right onto Elliott Way. Breton-Page Road is named after John Brenton and David Page, who homesteaded here in the early 1870s. This site is also known locally as Evening Cove. The point to the northeast of the bay and beach is Coffin Point. The area is part of the Stz'uminus First Nation traditional territory.

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Trip suggestions

Easy day trips:

To Dunsmuir Islands: It is a moderate paddle across to Sharpe point to the southeast to reach the Dunsmuir Isalnds. The islands are private, but the foreshore can be used to stretch the legs.

Extend this trip by heading over to Transfer Teach. Watch for stronger afternoon inflow winds that can create choppy conditions off Slag Point, especially on an ebb tide where the current opposes the wind.

Moderate day trips:

To Thetis Island: This involves a fairly lengthy (one hour-plus) crossing to Thetis Island from the the beach, but Thetis Island has a wonderfully under-developed waterfront along the west shoreline with low, sloping grassy banks that can make for a great intertidal shoreline break. The crossing can be subject to winds to check the forecast for the day.

Advanced day trips:

Thetis Island circumnavigation: Thsi is a demanding day trip, so plan accordingly. A highlight is The Cut between Thetis and Penelakut islands. Many scenic spots and picnic stops possible along the way. Extend it as an overnight trip by staying at Tent Island




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2018-09-03 10:43
This is an absolutely gorgeous beach. Favourite for locals. You can paddle easily into the Dunsmuir Group. Ladysmith Harbour is often a protected area compared to the nearby channel. Nice coastline. Bit urban for a day paddle.
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