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Imagine meandering the Pacific shoreline from the urban setting of Victoria to immerse yourself in a network of idyllic islands, running the Vancouver Island shore north through the Gulf Islands into the wilds of the North Georgia Basin, jumping islands to reach the Sunshine Coast, then crossing the wild mountainous backdrop of Howe Sound before arriving in the urban setting of Vancouver.

The Salish Sea Marine Trail joins two of the great British Columbia cities by a paddling route that leads into some of the great wilderness locations of the Salish Sea as part of the Trans Canada Trail’s Great Trail. Experience the elegance of Victoria, the serenity of the Gulf Islands, the wilderness of the Central Georgia Basin, the beaches and sunsets of the Sunshine Coast, the magnificence of Howe Sound and the vibrancy of Vancouver. It is a marine trail like none other. 

The full trail is an expedition for veteran paddlers that could take upwards of two weeks. But we've also broken down the trip into bite-sized portions so you can experience different aspect in shorter, simpler journeys to fit your timeframe, skill level and interests. You can find all those options and more in the "Plan your Trip" section below. 

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