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Snug Cove Kwíl’aḵm

Crippen Regional Park
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Regional park (Crippen Regional Park) and official marine trail launch site.

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Site Data

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Park information

This location is strategic for walk-on, paddle-off launches to Bowen Island in Howe Sound using the Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay ferry.

From roadway (Bowen Island Trunk Rd) wheel onto paved sidewalk to shell, mud beach launch at head of cove at the Snug Cove Kwíl’aḵm launch, 330m, or use ramp and public floats near ferry.


Ferry fee: All journeys are considered to be prepaid if traveling to Horseshoe Bay. Passenger count taken at entry gate. No boarding pass issued.

Parking: Unlikely to be needed as this is a launch destination for walk-on kayaks.

Distances: From Snug Cove Kwíl’aḵm beach to dock: 330m.

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