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Updated August 23, 2018

Musgrave Point was first used as a campsite by the original BC Marine Trails. It became a provincial recreation site in 2017.


Nearby Musgrave Landing near Musgrave Point at one point was the agriculture centre of Salt Spring Island from 1870 to roughly1904 Musgrave. This is an excerpt from the History of Agriculture on Salt Spring Island by Morton Stratton:

The one really major sheep ranching area on Salt Spring [Musgrave Landing area], and it was an exceptional case, was the western slope of Mt. Tuam and Mt. Bruce (known after 1890 as Musgrave Mountain). Here three wealthy landowners in succession, in relative isolation from the rest of the island, ran sheep in large numbers. Sheep raising on the sparsely wooded mountain started up in the mid 1870s after the Pimbury brothers from England built a wharf at the seashore and a house just above.(66) But the peak of activity occurred in the years from 1885 to 1892 when Edward Musgrave, fourth son of Sir Richard Musgrave, 3rd Baronet, of Waterford, Ireland lived here with his family on a 7,000-acre sheep ranch.(67) His house was near the little inlet now called Musgrave Landing where the Pimburys had settled. This property stretching from Isabella Point and Cape Keppel in the south up to the “sugar loaf” at the top of the mountain and north to John Maxwell’s farm on Burgoyne Bay was almost all one vast sheep run.


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2018-08-24 18:31
This is a great small site with an outhouse and a fantastic view across to Vancouver Island. It can handle a few tents. The beach is fairly basic. It's a good stop along the Gulf Islands Marine Trail.
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