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Assumption of Risk (Disclaimer for Map Use)

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BCMTN Map Disclaimer: The accuracy of the information provided on this site is not guaranteed. The information may be incomplete or incorrect.  It is not intended as a substitute for detailed official Canadian marine navigation charts or other authorized maps and guides. Paddlers should seek information and advice from as many sources as possible, especially before departing for an unfamiliar paddling area.

Ocean paddling is a high-risk activity requiring skill and judgment. Weather and sea conditions are constantly changing. Even with the highest level of experience, it is not always possible to identify or control all risks and the potential for injury or loss of life cannot be eliminated.  There are many uncontrolled hazards on foreshores and in rough coastal terrain that could result in serious personal injury.

Users of the information presented on this site assume all the risks associated with its use.

Marine Trail Sites within BC Parks

Marine Trail sites within BC Parks:  In the more developed parks, camping is permitted only in specific identified camping areas.  In the less-developed parks and conservancies, camping is allowed anywhere within a zone identified for that use by BC Parks. Sites often used by paddlers  located within these zones are identified and marked on the BCMTN map, but they may not represent established park camping sites and your use of such sites assumes you Leave No Trace of your visit.

 Anyone planning to visit a provincial park is encouraged to consult the BC Parks website to learn more about camping opportunities and facilities in each park.  Please visit http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/

 Please note that backcountry camping fees apply throughout Cape Scott Provincial Park.  You may learn about backcountry fees at this site: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/fees/  


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Please read the disclaimer before using the map.

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