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Resources to help plan your trip

Resources to Help Plan Your Paddling Trip

 Resources to Help Plan Your Next Paddling Trip.

Proper Equipment

Proper Safety Equipment

bcmtnorigBefore you even decide on a trip location you will need to have proper kayak or canoe equipment to meet Transport Canada safety regulations for a human-powered boat. First of all there is your basic list of safety equipment:

  1. Canadian approved life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD)
  2. One buoyant heaving line at least 15 metres long
  3. One reboarding device - usually this is a paddlefloat that attaches to your paddle
  4. One watertight flashlight (recommended for all but required if your boat if longer than 6 m)
  5. Six (6) Canadian-approved flares of Type A (Rocket Parachute), B (Multi-Star) or C (Hand) if your boat is more than 6 metres in length
  6. One bailer or manual bilge pump
  7. One sound-signalling device (i.e. whistle)
  8. Navigation lights that meet the requirements set out in the Collision Regulations*
  9. One magnetic compass (not required on boats less than 8m in length)
  10. One radar reflector is required under certain conditions
  11. Safe Boating Guide Document
  12. Transport Canada Compliance Guide for non-pleasure human powered boats

More Equipment

  1. You obviously need a paddle, too. Especially if you are going to use the paddlefloat for re-entry of your boat or to move your boat forward!
  2. Many paddlers carry a VHF radio (you don't need a licence to carry it but to speak into it; however, in an emergency no one is going to fault you). Many paddlers also carry a cell phone (not usually waterproof) and sometimes a personal locator. One of the best is an ACR Personal locator.
  3. Whether you are renting or using your own kayak or canoe check it over. For example, on a rental kayak you may see a lot of wear around the footrest indicating the amount of use. Check to see it the boat is leaking or ask relevant questions.