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Vancouver island Region




Vancouver Island is one of six coastal regions defined by the BC Marine Trails Network Association. The Vancouver Island Region is comprised of the following paddling areas: Barkley Sound, Cape Scott, Carmanah, Clayoquot Sound, Goletas Channel, Gulf Islands, Hesquiaht, Island East, Juan de Fuca, Long Beach, Nootka Sound, North Brooks, Nuchatlitz, Quatsino Sound, South Brooks and Victoria. Paddling area boundaries are generally distinquished by changes in water conditions.

Paddling Experience Pages

We have a number of Vancouver Island paddling experience pages available for your perusal.

Barkley Sound Paddling Area: Broken Group Islands  Tofino and Clayoquot Sound Paddling Area  Kyuquot Paddling Area
 Quatsino Sound, Port Alice  Cape Scott Paddling Area  Island East Paddling Area
 Gulf Islands Paddling Area: Nanaimo and northern Gulf Islands  Goletas Channel Paddling Area: Port Hardy, God's Pocket  Gulf Islands Paddling Area: Victoria, Southern Gulf Islands

Using the Trails: Paddling Resources

Please visit our paddling resources page to help you plan your trip to Vancouver Island.







The BC Marine Trails Network (BCMTN) will be a series of interconnecting marine trails along the entire BC coastline:

  • designed with frequent access points, stopovers and campsites for users of small, beachable watercraft
  • to ensure continued coastal access for public marine recreationists to travel the BC coast and to land and camp along the way