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Long Harbour Ferry Terminal

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This location presents an easy launch from Salt Spring Island accessible by ferries from Tsawwassen, and so presents a great way for paddlers from the mainland to enter the Salish Sea Marine Trail in a remarkable section of the Gulf Islands.

Terminal access: 

Wheel on from Long Harbour Road.

Terminal egress: 

Wheel off to Long Harbour Road.

Beach access: 

Beach access is available immediately south of the ferry terminal into Wellbury Bay (not Long Harbour). It involves a steep slope to a small shell beach down a concrete ramp. Boulders at base with awkward railings and fence across the road from loading ramp.

Site Data: 

Please find site data on the Wellbury Bay launch near Long Harbour terminal.


Ferry fees: All journeys are considered to be prepaid. 

Distances: From beach to dock: 130m.


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