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Sites Needing Site Condition Reports 2019

The following sites need either maintenance work or Site Condition Reports. The Quick Site Condition Report can be done on your Smartphone or Tablet in a minute. If you are interested in maintenance work please contact our Site Steward Program coordinator at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In Discovery Islands Group

Site Condition Reports in Discoveries: We have seven recreation sites in this area. We cannot visit these sites weekly so we appreciate any assistance checking the condition of the sites: Freedom Point, Whale Passage, Penn Islands north, Francisco Island, Shipwreck Bluff, Solitary Mountain and Estero Peak.

Maintenance Work in the Discoveries: We will have a crew in the area a couple times this summer and follow ups in the Fall. We will be completing maintenance on Whale Passage and Penn Islands north in early May.

On Cape Scott Marine Trail (CSMT)

From San Josef Bay to Nahwitti River. This is an extensive length of coast.  If you plan on paddling this stretch or a part of this stretch of coast please complete a Site Condition Report.

 Maintenance Work Needed on CSMT

Drake Island has a hazard tree, need to come down, checked in 2018. This will be contracted out to a faller. Please do not atte

 Site Condition Reports Needed on CSMT/God's Pocket (Priority #1)

Songhees Creek,  Nolan Point, Balaklava Booms, Loquillilla Cove, Vansittart Island, Nigei Island- Cascade Harbour

Hope Island - North Side, Burnett Bay

 Site Condition Reports Needed on CSMT/Gods Pocket (PRIORITY #2)

Goodnuff Beach, Klaskino Anchorage, Heater Point (East & West), Bonner Islet, 

Klaskish Inlet


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