Stewardship: Site Condition Reports

Stewardship Program: Site Condition Reporting

A Site Condition Report is a light report on the condition of a site. It gives us basic information about possible problems on the site. While we cannot clean up every site on the coast we can report on the condition of the site. We do maintain our recreation sites regularly, but obviously, most sites are user-maintained.

 The BC Marine Trails Stewardship Program is an on-going effort to engage volunteers and members in site condition assessment, clean up and site improvements. It’s a two-step process where:

  1. Members/volunteers assess the condition of sites (Site Condition Report (SCR)) in order to notify the land owners (mostly government) about the problems of the site.
  2. Members/volunteers clean up and improve the identified sites as needed.

A. You can help by sending us a Site Condition Report

When you are paddling and visiting sites send us a Site Condition Report (SCR—that is, a report on the condition of a site(s)).

  1. Within our map popup boxes (see main map) there is a link to a Site Condition Report. This is the easiest method to report the condition of a site.
  2. This is our updated Site Condition Report form (designed with more open-ended questions). It also addresses maintenance issues more.
  3. Please send photos separately to Paul at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  4. This is our older SCR form to print. To be updated in the fall of 2020.



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