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Site Steward Program

Our Stewardship Committee, as the focal point for most of the BCMTNA’s volunteers, is gearing up for the 2018 season by introducing our new and improved ‘SITE STEWARD PROGRAM’.  We offer opportunities for paddlers to help us out while doing what they love – paddling the BC coast!

Our Site Steward Program (short description):

  1. Do you like protecting the environment and helping with conservation efforts? This year we are looking for Site Condtion Reporting along the Cape Scott Marine Trail. See the  list of sites available here and use the Quick Site Condition Form for Smartphones.
  2. We are compiling a list of site stewards for both easy clean ups and for extensive clean ups on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. There is no obligation. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and state how you would like to help.

Our Site Stewardship Program (long description):

First Level:  Site Condition Reporting:

Please tell us what you think we need to know about the sites you visit. Site Condition Reporting is of key importance in locating sites along the coast that need remediation due to various human impacts. It is our first step in effective BCMTN stewardship. Here’s the basics:

How to Find the Sites that Need ‘SCR’s:

  • View our priority and alternate list here
  • Coming spring 2018: for priority sites, ‘SCR (Site Condition Report) needed’ will be visible on map, in relevant site pop-up boxes.
  • We appreciate volunteers performing SCRs during their travels on any sites that they see need attention, whether they are posted or not.

How to Perform and Submit ‘SCRs’:

  • To perform – simply take a sample form with you (Field version or pdf) or familiarize yourself with the content. Take a notebook. (Don’t have one? Use your memory). Answer the questions as best you can to the detail you feel motivated and necessary to give. Photos help. Ways to submit:
  • Back home, before you forget, go to the online form and fill it out. Hit submit.  If you have any relevant photos, email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Easiest: If you have a smartphone and a signal while out paddling, you can use the Quick Site Condition Form, and submit right then and there!

See the Site Condition Report forms/guidelines at:  https://www.bcmarinetrails.org/how-to-help/stewardship..  The more knowledge of Leave No Trace principles you have, the more you will understand what we need to know: See https://www.bcmarinetrails.org/how-to-help/code-of-ethics on the BCMTN website.

Second Level: Site Stewardssitesteward1

Would you like to help us out a bit more…? We would like to match you with a ‘needy’ location within one of your paddling destinations this season.  Some are priority sites on developing marine trails, often remote so not regularly visited.  Others are busier sites that just need a bit more care and attention.

We may just need more specific details of identified trouble spots, or some sites may need more regular attention due to remoteness or frequency of use. Examples:

  • small debris pick up, (transportable by kayak) campsite and trail grooming - trimming vegetation
  • “Green throne” maintenance cosmetic only, such as brushing off fallen twigs, needles, leaves, wiping off algae. Supplies will be kept on site.
  • clearing rocks off designated ‘canoe runs’
  • removing unsightly and damaging fire rings, especially off upland areas


Third Level: Beach Cleanups and Site Remediations

sitesteward3 We will be conducting both small and large clean ups in forthcoming months and years.  These will be posted as they come up during the season.    Some of them are only accessible by kayak, and volunteers can be camped together for a number of days. We ask our volunteers to consider these events as ‘working holidays’.

These are usually a longer term commitment. Volunteers can become part of a team to perform shoreline cleanups, site upgrades, or invasive species removals.

Reasonable transportation expenses to and from locations are provided by the BCMTNA. These cleanups can be great fun as well as hard work. So be a Stewardship Volunteer: you are guaranteed exercise, fun, new friends and the satisfaction of helping us care for our coast while you’re at it! Please note: *LNT Seakayaking booklets are available from BCMTNA for $5. Kindle versions are also available and don’t need to be mailed. ($2.95 US) https://lnt.org/shop/product/individual-skills-ethics-booklets

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