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Site Steward Program

Our Stewardship Comconservation efforts? This year we are looking for Site Condtion Reporting (SCR) along the Cape Scott Marine Trail and in the Discovery Islands. Currently, SKABC (Sea Kayak Association of BC) is addressing clean ups in Howe Sound. See the  list of sites available here and use the Quick Site Condition Form for Smartphones. If you see garbage on a BC Marine Trails site please report it through our Quick Site Condition form. As well, if you are using our map many sites indicate whether a SCR is needed.

Quick Overview of Our Site Steward Program

1. Site Condition Reporting: We are asking for Site Stewards or the public to be the eyes and ears of the coast by filling in and sending a Site Condition Report to us.

  • View our priority and alternate list here
  • Many sites on the Cape Scott Marine Trail and some in the Discovery Islands (near Quadra Island) require Site Condition Reports.
  • We appreciate volunteers performing SCRs during their travels on any sites that they see need attention, whether they are posted or not
  • Quick Site Condition Form - this form is designed with Smartphones in mind.

2. Beach clean ups - We have some clean ups planned in 2018. Sign up to our Site Steward team (no obligation except you are notified first about clean ups which have limited participation). To join the Site Steward team e-mail Louise at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Site Stewardship Program (long description):

  1. Please view a more comprehensive description of pdfprogram here.

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