LNT Code of Ethics

The BC Marine Trails Network Association Code of Ethics

We are currently developing a Code of Conduct based on Leave No Trace principles (below), but adapted slightly with some considerations for sea kayakers or canoeists, who ply BC West Coast waters. People often confuse a 'Code of Ethics' with a 'Code of Conduct'. A 'Code of Ethics' sometimes is called a value statement and refers to principles that guide behaviour. The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace Canada help guide the behaviour of people using the outdoors. A 'Code of Conduct' is described as the meat and potatoes of the 'Code of Ethics'. In the case of LNT principles, they are applied to various relevant situations. For example, if you are near wildlife (i.e. a Killer Whale) our 'Code of Conduct' reminds you to stay at least 100 metres distant. We are currently working on our Code of Conduct, refining it to make sense to most paddlers.

BC Marine Trails Network Association's LNT Code of Ethics (Our Code of Conduct, developed at a later date, will be based on the Leave No Trace Principles below)



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